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Senior Backend Iloho App Developer

Job Title: Senior Backend Iloho App Developer
Location: (India) Remote
Company: Iloho Limited
Job Overview:

As a Senior Backend Iloho App Developer, you’ll take charge of the backend development using Node.js, ensuring a robust and scalable architecture for our travel companion app. Working in tandem with the Senior Iloho App Developer and the broader team, you’ll create and manage the application’s backend functionalities and API integrations.


Backend Development: Lead the design, development, and maintenance of the backend using Node.js to support the application’s functionalities and API integrations.

API Development and Integration: Create APIs and integrate them into the application, collaborating closely with the Senior Iloho App Developer to ensure seamless communication between frontend and backend systems.

Database Management: Manage MySQL databases efficiently, ensuring data security, optimization, and scalability to meet the app’s requirements.

Collaboration and Coordination: Collaborate with frontend developers, designers, and other team members to translate requirements into technical solutions, ensuring smooth integration and functionality.

Testing and Optimization: Conduct thorough testing, debugging, and optimization of backend systems to ensure performance, reliability, and security.

API Documentation: Document APIs and backend processes comprehensively to facilitate seamless collaboration and future development.

Continuous Improvement: Stay updated with industry trends, suggest improvements, and implement best practices for backend development and API integrations.


Senior Level Experience: 5+ years of extensive experience in backend development using Node.js, with a strong track record of creating and integrating APIs into applications.

API Expertise: Proficiency in designing and developing APIs, particularly in a hybrid application environment, collaborating closely with frontend developers for optimal integration.

Database Management: Strong expertise in MySQL databases, including data security, optimization, and scalability.

Collaborative Skills: Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment, excellent communication skills, and the capacity to coordinate effectively with frontend developers and other team members.

Education and Experience:
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field.
  • Extensive experience in backend development, specifically using Node.js, and a proven track record of successful API integrations.

Indian Remote

Join Our Team:

If you’re passionate about backend development, possess the required expertise in Node.js, API development, and integration, and are eager to collaborate with a dynamic team, apply now! Join us in revolutionizing travel technology with Iloho.

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